About Us

Say Hello to Encreistre (pronounced on-CRAY-stoh). Encreistre Health & Beauty was founded on the principle of the old French word for “Increase,” Encreistre. Here, at Encreistre, we focus on Increasing the best version of you in simple, but meaningful ways. Ways that increase your skin, scalp, and hair health. Healthy ways to increase your natural beauty.
because you're the best. hello encreistre.



Encreistre Health and Beauty, LLC is a personal care/cosmetics brand that makes product solutions to simplify the healthy appearance and enhancement of one’s skin, scalp, and hair. With the focus on maximizing the natural beauty of our customers to be the best at who they are with what they have been given; we aim to make products that are effective and inclusive.  We are for people who are passionate about their skin, scalp, and hair health, but not about complicated daily routines.  We do so by formulating our product solutions in ways that address the complexity of diverse hair and skin types.  Our approach is somewhat musical, in that we rely on the harmonious and symphonic blend of diverse ingredients that collectively overlap to address the targeted needs for use, instead of relying on simplified sets of ingredients that may have been proven to work within limited reach, when considering the diverse complexity of the physical compositions and needs of people around the world.  Like musical compositions, we work hard to create complex solutions that just simply work.  We create solutions that simplify the routine.  Small steps that render sustainable results.